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Well, you know what they say. Aspire to inspire before you expire.

Inspirational Wake

I see you've reached the purgatory phase of your marriage.

Catholic Marriage Counselor

I think you hit something.

Moose Hunting Season

Adorable Pooch sits on ant.

Adorable Pooch sits on Ant

And you think that hard core smokers actually care about the image on the pack!?

Hard Core Smokers

If we buy the bed today, they'll throw in the ceiling mirror for free.

Valentine’s Day Bed

Don't forget me in this godforsaken donut hole!

CT Scan Phobia

We are at that point in our relationship, when only boxing will settle an argument. Right my Valentine?

Boxing through an Argument

Ogling the Bikini Girls

Don't mess with Granny, Sonny!

Hot Granny on Wheels