Local Bananas

Look at our lively local bananas.

These are absolutely local!

Buy local if at all possible. Freshness is important and encourging local farmers just makes sense. Watch out for fishy labelling. Fresh produce labelled as local could be misleading and false. This guy is pushing his bananas as local produce. That itself is bananas. Find out which is the correct local label for your part of the World and buy with confidence.

Accident Claim

Accident Claim

No auto insurance claim please

If you survive a car crash, just be thankful you’re alive. Don’t worry about dodging the insurance claim and the cost of the deductible. Don’t leave the sceen. Stay calm. Exchange personal info in a chilled manner and call the cops for a report. Sh*t happens. It matters most how you handle the situation.

Kitty in Bale of Straw

Cat in bale of straw

Dad. I found the cat.

Somedays I feel like Kitty. Trapped in a bale of straw. The choices we make, even with the most honorable intentions, can keep us captive and unhappy in the future. Even your own wife and kidneys will make you spin around in a dead end. Work, friends and family are what we live for, but what you love the most can be a heavy burden, financially and/or otherwise. The solution my friends? Take heart. Remember the good along the way and chase away the bad. Do at least one thing for yourself that brings you a sence of freedom. Art, leisure time, talking, walking, singing, exercising or even sculpting something odd with mash potatoes. Whatever floats your boat will help you set sail again and be happy with everyone you care about. Once again take heart and let Kitty out. Peace my friends.

Mama Pig’s Vacation

Chillax kids. Mama's on vacation!

Chillax kids. Mama’s on vacation!

Enjoy this one. The animal rights folks are complaining that pigs and their pigglets are stuck in horrible pens. Too small and uncomfortable for Mama Pig and her cute as buttons pigglets. The farmer in this case, fix up her pen to make it as comfy as on the beach. Have a good one yall!

Obama in Ottawa

Iowa is a wonderful place!

Iowa is a wonderful place!

Americans think we’re friendly and our streets are clean. Here’s Obama¬†officially meeting Harper. Maybe he only came for the beaver tails…

Rooster and Hen at Dinner

She'll have the steak and I'll have the chops!

She’ll have the steak and I’ll have the chops!

The price of beef and pork is on the rise. Consequently, better deals on chicken and turkey increases demand in restaurants. This rooster better be nice to the waiter and watch out for the cleaver in his hand.

Working on Marriage

Looks like no fishing for you today, Buddy Boy.

Looks like no fishing for you today, Buddy Boy.

Hey, I’m back. You were wondering what’s up with Sneuro right? I was in production. I’m the only one that will feed my blog. He was hungry for fresh laughs, but time is a novelty around here…

Did you see this poor angler? He was outside the door, ready for a leap towards the pickup. But fancy face grabbed him. He’s on her menu for the afternoon. Yikes!

Testing Paint for Bridges

Back to the Drawing Board Igor

Back to the Drawing Board Igor

This is a funny one… And not just a funny haha one to boot. Another cartoon for the chemist in you. Please correct me if I’m wrong, but they test rust resistant paint in a laboratory before painting. What a clever idea. Among other goodies, inorganic zinc, epoxide mastic and acrylic-urethane is mixed up to make the bridge o so pretty and resistant. So, if you enjoy licking paint, I would stay away from this potion. Water based is safer. Call me nuts!

GMO Tomatoe Monster

Tomatoe Monster at Monsanto.

Monster Tomatoes at Monsanto

What are we really eating folks? Will GMO tomatoes gone wild turn into monsters? It’s possible. Or even worse turn us into monsters for eating them. Monsanto laboratories: let’s keep an eye on what they’re up to.

Cat Got Your Tongue Club

In a display case, tongues caught by a cat.

This one is yours!

Wonder where all those stolen tongues ended up? In this display case, proudly presented by the cat that caught them of course. Yes, you can reclaim your stolen tongue. First you must be quicker than that cat and speak your mind without hesitation. Maybe this poor dog thought it would grow back on its own. I’m off my rocker again, but it’s worth a laugh… If a cat is nearby, speak but don’t forget to cover your mouth!

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