Kitty in Bale of Straw

Cat in bale of straw

Dad. I found the cat.

Somedays I feel like Kitty. Trapped in a bale of straw. The choices we make, even with the most honorable intentions, can keep us captive and unhappy in the future. Even your own wife and kidneys will make you spin around in a dead end. Work, friends and family are what we live for, but what you love the most can be a heavy burden, financially and/or otherwise. The solution my friends? Take heart. Remember the good along the way and chase away the bad. Do at least one thing for yourself that brings you a sence of freedom. Art, leisure time, talking, walking, singing, exercising or even sculpting something odd with mash potatoes. Whatever floats your boat will help you set sail again and be happy with everyone you care about. Once again take heart and let Kitty out. Peace my friends.

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