Prof Playing Hooky

I just can take it anymore!

I just can take it anymore!

Dear teacher, don’t give up! This one is playing hooky and thinking of doing it for keeps. The stress, the hours and the difficult kids are making him go bonkers. Longterm sickleave due to high anxiety and depression are a fact of life now. Before it’s too late however, before he jumps ship, remind him how valuable he is. A teacher’s infuence is surprising. They help shape tomorrows productive citizens. My teachers made a difference in my life. We may not remember their theories and lessons, but we’ll never forget HOW they taugh us. With patience and devotion, qualities sometimes not even available at home. My English prof in grade 12 was the best. He spoke of Shakespeare in a such a passionate manner. To all the teachers, I thank you. Your dedication merits a tap on the back.

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