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Can you give me a minute son? We need something to protect us during the movie.

Gun Shopping for the Movies or School?

Brigitte Bardot

Cleaning hubby's undies at the coin wash.

Coin Wash – Clean by 40

I often tried wearing pants like that, but I always ended up forming other letters.

Backside alphabet pants

Fat, lazy and smelly,

No bad habits, no resolutions

Having a few words with your spouse

Harold and Sweet Pea are at the diner. Sweat Pea says: "it's time to liberate myself, Harold. Starting tomorrow, I'm going bra-less".

Going Bra-less

Gangster Rap Fan visits New York

Take this crying baby boy off my hands. Is he yours?

Crying baby boy needs his mama

Flight back home: Can't you tie your belt Honey? Serves you right for eating so much on vacation!

All you can eat vacation