Meanwhile, back at the mamography center

Pearl getting her mammogram

My husband will now want syrup with this pancake.

Couple Meets Mold Monster

Call Mold Busters

Mold Busters Cartoon

I’m back with another Mold Busters cartoon! Get the little wify off your back about the molding living room. Call the mold removal experts, Mold Busters. See you soon with another good one. Good night all.

Mold Monster Cornered Again

Mold Removal Service Cartoon

Yikes! Mold Busters!

This is Ottawa’s Mold Busters first cartoon. A first of many to promote professional mold removal with a funny kick from Sneuro. Watch for more. Get rid of those mold monsters in your home, call Mold Busters today!

Speedo and Bikini still fits

Middle aged couple on beach wearing Speedo and Bikini.

We still look good in our swimwear.

Is it because we’re to cheap or too lazy, or do we really believe we still have the body for that Speedo and Bikini? All illusions aside, let’s have fun on the beach. But let’s hope not to lose any bits in front of children’s eyes.

Skiing Couple

Can you see the Olympic Village?

Can you see the Olympic Village?

He may have broken bones but she’s not too concerned. Complacency in a couple after many years together is unfortunately quite common. But it shoudn’t be a quesion or life ot death.

Pearl’s Mammogram

Pearl getting her mammogram

And I should fot into a descent bra now?

This one is self explanatory. I have much empathy for the ladies that must suffer through this test, however usefull it is. Imagine if men had their testicules tested in a similar fashion.

Paying for it Now Baby!

Can't pick one love? Earn big quick!

Can’t pick one love? Earn big quick!

Now this is a guy that’s been around. He now has to pay the price for his promiscuity and be responsible. He wanted to tango everywhere carefree, without thinking that the kiddies soon would follow. If you can’t afford to care for the results of your actions, find a way to generate real income quick, use a condom or put a knot in it.

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